GT International Motors recommends following BMW’s maintenance requirements, using all BMW factory parts and fluids. The exception to this is oil changes. We feel BMW stretches this service out too far. We advise conventional oil cars (1999 and earlier) change the oil and filter at 3-4,000 mile intervals. Synthetic oil cars (2000 and later) should perform an in-between¬† oil change at 5-6000 miles. This also gives us a chance to look your car over to avoid any unplanned failures that can happen with BMW stretching the maintenance scehdule as far as 15,000 miles.

Call or email us anytime to check if your BMW is due for maintenance.


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GT International Motors was opened in 1976 By my father and me. I was turning wrenches with two other mechanics and my father was handling the paperwork.

We became exclusive BMW service in 1981.

Despite my dealer training as a Porsche mechanic it was the clientele that first attracted me to BMW. They appreciated the car and were interested in the caring and feeding of their "Ultimate Driving Machine" That's a feeling that still rings true today.

Our goals are simple: Treat people how we would like to be treated. Fix it right the first time. Don't sell anything that the customer doesn't need.


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